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fully automated

by singapore

i was wondering... is it possible to have a machine that will totally control my tank specs?

like, something to keep my temperature at 79, my pH right where it should b, and everything else?

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by puffedupseagull


There are things to help aid and make it easier, but you are the one who can only do it 100% correct

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by fihsboy

aqua controller. And a calcium reactor with ph probes....blah blah blah. Your talking at least......1200-1600. if you have it....go for it. But even technology fails at times.

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by Snowboss4492

and all that does is tell you when you need to do something................your not gonna get away from working on the tank man............unless you pay somebody to come in and maintain it

google LA fish guy

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by jweb

I'd say aquariums isn't the hobby for you if you're trying to have an aquarium without any of the meticulous tasks. "Getting your hands dirty", allows you to respect the hobby more, and will lead to a greater appreciation for your aquarium and its inhabitants.

I have to admit, there is every now and then in my life when things get hectic or I become insanely busy. It sometimes seems I have no time to devote to my aquariums, or sometimes I find that I simply am being lazy. Whatever the case, I know that when I actually do fix up my aquariums and do water changes and clean them/rearrange stuff, I feel proud of the tasks I completed and can sit back and say, "Ahh, this is MY tank".

fully automated

5 posts

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