Help! Lost another fish!

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Help! Lost another fish!

by JazzyD_KingRoy

I dont know what 2 do. Yesterday i noticed that another fish wasnt eating...
Now he is dead too. Thats 4 fish in 2 weeks. And no signs of diease of marks.
Do you think its bloat again? Im so sad. Please help.

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by yasherkoach

by the way, the tank looks pretty nice, natural. ... seases.htm

this is an excellent site to diagnosis a problem plus it gives you appropriate remedies

I used to use a hospital tank, but I find, sometimes you can do the fish more harm than good. I never ever place any medicines in the main tank.

Best thing to do is a 50% water change, if your fish (and invertebrates) are not allergic to aquarium salt, place a few tablespoons of aquarium salt into the tank (make sure the salt does not touch the live plants), and cut back on the feeding so the ammonia levels remain at a constant 0.

Fish do pass on. Sometimes the tank gets "attacked" by certain microorganisms that will kill fish, invertebrates, and then in a short time, it's all gone.

Last year I lost 5 red platies in a 48 hour period of time. No signs it was coming. And then after that 48 hours, all was fine again.

You know, there is more than just fish and invertebrates in our tanks. Bacteria, parasites, etc live or can live there too. Sometimes these parasites etc take hold of the ones we hold dear and then it kills them.

Things happen friend. Probably it will pass, but i nthe meantime, take a look at the site and water change, salt and less feeding will help.

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by miami754


I wrote you on the other thread so check there. I still don't think it's bloat (nor do I think the other ones were) unless you are not watching the tank and just happen to be catching it late in the game. Bloat is not something where the fish isn't eating one day and then the next day the fish dies. It takes a while for Bloat to kill a fish. Typically there are several days of spittings, then several days of swimming up to food but not eating (still interested though). Then there are several days where the fish is just not interested at all and doesn't even look at the food. Then the fish will go into hiding and die over a period of time. As you can tell, it is typically not a fast acting disease.

Please read the other post and yasher has good advice as well.
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by miami754

Were these fish newly introduced to the tank or were they in there for a while? I forgot to ask that before.

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by zambize

Have you tested the water lately? There's not much info to go on, but it sound like the symptoms of a nitrite spike, too.

Help! Lost another fish!

5 posts

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