Is a denitrator worth it?

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by jnelson1983

*knocks on wood*

In all honesty, I'm not worried about Amonia spiking. If all of the bacteria in the 180lbs of sand and on the 450lbs of rock i have in the tank can't take care of it (haven't detected amonia in over 2 years)...I'll worry then lol.

But I did test it today, before it cleared up noticable difference in nitrates. I'm not sure if it's because it's part of the process, or if the fish just produce THAT much crap where it didn't dent it or the regular production of waste counteracted the bloom.

*shrugs* Here's hoping.

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by Snowboss4492

i have an aquaripure nitrate filter - - -well its really not a filter------i looked at the site you posted and it doesnt look like that canister thing they're advertising, mine a black square box and you inject vodka or sugar water into it once a week or so and it drips into the system for bacteria growth that eats nitrates...............not sure if its the same thing as your looking at and ive havent used it yet, the guy i bought my system from has one on his 300 FO and swears by it it lets him keep a bottle of Grey Goose in the house "for the fish" lol
he had a brand new never used one as a back up and threw it in the deal when i bought everything else from him


Is a denitrator worth it?

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