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by tristan

hey is there any sort of food that grows your cichlids heaps fast
my freind feeds his fish live crickets but i cant find any

and please comment on my tank, tell me if i can improve

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by miami754

You do not want to feed your African cichlids foods high in meaty protein. They are used to eating algae off of rocks and other things so their digestive system is not used to handling meaty foods. They can develop fatal illnesses like Malawi Bloat. There is no reason to ever feed your African cichlids foods like brine shrimp, crickets, or anything else along these lines. People think these are good snacks to reward their cichlids with from time to time, but it is not.

The #1 African cichlid food is without a doubt New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula. It will really make their colors pop and they will grow like crazy (assuming everything else in your tank environment is well suited for them (I forgot to look at what your tank looked like)). Use this food and you will be fine.

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by jweb

I use Hikari Gold. It seems to work pretty well, but Miami is the expert =)

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by dizzcat

I feed mine New Life Spectrum too. Since I started feeding that I have noticed a great growth rate and colors stand out! I buy the medium sized pellets for my bigger fish. I then take a coffee grinder and grind some up to get smaller size pellets for my smaller fish and fry. I have really noticed the difference in my fry growth rate! It is hard to find in the big box stores like Petsmart or Petco but most likely you will find it at a small local fish store. It runs a little more than the other stuff, but REALLY worth it!

Stay away from live or frozen foods like Miami said. It will give them bloat. Their fun for a moment is just not worth the risk of their health.

Here is New Life Spectrum. ... rmula300gr

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by CedricAndCandy7566

Ditto to what everyone's written above....

A lot of people do feed their cichlids lots of protein and yes it does make them grow fast. However it is extremely risky and frequently the fish will die from bloat. Much better to be more patient and feed them correctly - in the long run the fish will be much happier and healthier.


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