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by jliddiard09

i went and got a new filter that cycles the water 15 times every hour

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by yasherkoach

this is pretty good

optimally, you would need 50 gph (gallons per hour) for a 10 gallon tank. 15 times per hour means all the water in the tank cycles through the tank 15 times. But at least you got a filter in that tank.

There is never enough filtering for a tank. The more filter the cleaner the tank is or the water column, plus if you get a filter with bio-wheels, circular filters that turn from water underneath that cascade out of the filter, the good bacteria develops on the bio-wheels...but any media (filter, etc) you have in your filter, the good bacteria will feed off of.

The main point is, you got a filter that will do the trick for now. Possibly in time, you can get a filter that works at 50 gph for the 10 gallon tank.

I have 2 filters running at 200 gph, which gives me 400 gph, which is twice the amount I really need for the 55 gallon tank. But for now, you are heading in the right direction.

Let us know how things go with that tank of yours. I really do want to hear back from you.

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by josmoloco

Hey yasher, if he has a ten gallon, then his filter is 150gph, 3x recomended.......

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by yasherkoach

a 10 gallon should run at 100 gph (gallon per hour)...


Aqueon Power Filters 100 gph 10 gal Model: 10
Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters 20 gal. 100 gph (so at 10 gal, 50 gph) Model: 100
Hagen AquaClear Powerfilters 20 gallon tank 100 gph (so at 10 gal, 50 gph)
Model: 20
Eheim ECCO Canister Filters up to 35 gallons 127 Model: 2232
Rapids Mini Canister Filter up to 20 gals 80 gph flow rate Model:
Skilter Filters 10-55 gallon 250 gph Model: 3 stage filtration
Whisper EX Power Filter 110 gph up to 20 gallons Model: EX20
Whisper In-Tank Filters 90 gph 2-10 gallons Model: 10i

or the other hand:

Azoo Palm Filter 16 gph up to 5 gallons is the rate the member is speaking of.

All these assorted filter systems are off of Dr Fosters & Smith online web site

I may be misunderstanding him, is he saying the water cycles 15 gallons per hour or 15 times per hour.

As you can see, you need at least a good 100 gph. Not 15 gph, but 100 gph which means the water, all 100 gallons are filtered through the filter, so the water goes through 100 times at one gallon each. Unless what he is saying is, like you are saying jos, that it is 150 gph, if this is the case, then his filter is fine.

So probably I just misunderstood him and as long as you understand him, then you have guided him in the right direction.

The main point is, he did get a filter, which was part of the other thread that he had going where he had no filter at all. So this is good news, in every sense of the word.

Thanks again for the clarification jos.

Happy fishing


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