Brown sand

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Brown sand

by lancealott

about a month ago i added sand to my tank and now the top of the sand turns brown every day. I know it must be algae, but i have snails and crabs. what should i get to make it disappear?

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by fihsboy

Diatom algae. Everyone gets it here and there. Red leg crabs eat it. But its a nutrient problem.

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by littlej2455

Do you have any power heads facing down towards the sand?

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by snowboss

it's a natural occurance in a cycle too.............when i had it i took a turkey baster every day and gently blew it up into the water column and let the filter take care of it - - -during those weeks i doubled and even tripled up on the filter maint to as to not reintroduce that crap into the tank again


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by blueshoes2208

shoot my koralia 4 doesnt need to point down at the sand at all... ive tried that and the next morning i see the bottom of my tank for about the size of a dinner plate... as soon as i just got circulation and a yellow watchman goby my sand stays white... along with my starfish too

Brown sand

5 posts

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