Thinking of using co2...

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Thinking of using co2...

by CedricAndCandy7566

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of setting up a DIY Co2 system for my 130g planted tank but I have only just starting researching them and would love people's input.

My questions are:
- would a 2 litre bottle supply sufficient co2 to make an positive impact on 130 gallons? Or maybe 2 x 2 litre bottles?
- what impact does co2 have on fish? I have discus in my tank and they can be quite finnicky to any I have to consider my fish when using co2?
- does a standard air stone distribute co2 sufficiently into a tank?
- can you describe your own co2 systems?

Thanks everyone!

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by adehaan86

Alright quick answer hopefully

For one will 2 liters but okay. it should be for now if anything you may upgrade later. I would recommend closing to 19 liters especially with a tank that size

C02 does not have a direct impact on fish. Insteed it lowers your PH. PH swings can be deadly for fish. So if your going to do it do it good. If you got a little DIY project for CO2 it probably won't do much for the plants or effect fish.

The key with CO2 is to get it in as small bubbles as possible. You want it to be absorbed into the water or it will go right to the surface and be a 100% waste.

I just got a little DIY for now for my 55 gal tank. I want to try out a small one then maybe double it or buy bigger later. hope this helps

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by dizzcat

I stopped using the DIY because I worried over the fact that I could not really control the amount going in. I tried an air stone and it didn't work, only plugged the hose up. When I took the stone off it just made big bubbles and probably just wasted it.

I like my setup because the diffuser breaks up the co2 into a zillion tiny bubbles, so I know none is wasted. The pH swing was slow (it lowered it) and so none of my fish were effected at all. The only problem I had starting out was a few plants started to die off, but when they got used to the difference in pH and added co2 they perked right back up.

Thinking of using co2...

3 posts

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