Between two nano/cube type aquariums.

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Between two nano/cube type aquariums.

by MikeO88

Heya folks!
Nice to meet all of you as this is my first post here. I have been looking to purchase an aquarium for a few months now and would feel it best to start off with one of the complete systems in order to get my feet wet in the hobby. Does anyone have any experience with either the Solana Aquarium system by Nano Reef or the Oceanic Biocube? These are the two that best fit my needs though I am unaware of their potential flaws. Any help would be much appriciated!

Thanks again,

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by jweb

The solana looks very nice. I don't have any experience with those two, but oceanic is a good trustworthy brand. Red Sea also has full system nano tanks that are really nice (incase you haven't checked those out already). You might be able to find product reviews some where on a website for the different systems. I don't think most people on here will be able to tell you anything specific that you are probably wanting to hear. They all look nice to me. I have an oceanic 58 gallon reef setup if that helps, and I love it. Everyone I've spoken to about oceanic say nothing but good about the brand.

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by puffedupseagull

Dude i think your talking tanks yeah. if so, be very careful, as small tanks kill if your learning. They fowl up real quick and stuff goes bad in hours if not properly checked upon

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by newbie916

I've been doing alot of research for a small tank in my office. I think I'm leaning towards a Red Sea Max all in one. It's a little more expensive than the Bio Cubes, but it seems to be worth it. Expect to drop at least $1200 total on live rock, live sand, and livestock.

Between two nano/cube type aquariums.

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