Corals or fish ?????????

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by puffedupseagull

SWEET F**K ALL hahahahaha

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by newbie916

I just picked up a frag of Blue Hornets from a local reefer. 10 polyps for $25. I've seen the purples go for $10 per polyp. Never seen these before. Once I get them growing, I'll let you know Boss. Maybe I could get you a frag to grow.

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by saltwaterpimp

I doubt they are true blue hornets, 10 polyops for 25 bucks, those go for 50 bucks a polyop all day, and the purples for 40, buy all of them if you get them that cheap and they are the real ones...There are some nice Japanesse deep waters going around and they look like the hornets but there not.

You got some pics ?

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by Snowboss4492

Nice - - -of course all RMFT members get discounts LMAO - - - -

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by blueshoes2208

as we can all see boss is a little excited here... someone has tickled his pickle...... im wanting frags like crazy right now haha , tryin to post a vid on youtube of my tank, we'll see how that goes mayb yall can check it out

Corals or fish ?????????

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