Bullying among Neon Tetras - Help!

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Bullying among Neon Tetras - Help!

by Freelancecynic

I've just finished cycling my tank (35 Gallon - 10 US Litres) and added 5 neon tetras to it. They schooled fine for the first day but as soon as they were fed for the first time the schooling broke up, and now one has become aggressive to the others. It charges at them, herding them into the corner and seems to hold them there, swimming off to enjoy the rest of the tank itself and then charging back as soon as the other fish try to swim away.
The tetras have only been in the tank for 3 days, and I don't want to have to move the tank furniture around to re-establish territories yet if I can help it. Is this a behaviour that should wear off in a few days? Are there any other ways of calming the angry tetra?

P.s. One of the teras got trapped behind the filter within the first day of being in the tank and I'm not sure how long it was caught there for. I don't know if this has injured it or made it more agressive, and I'm not even sure if this is the fish that's doing the bullying. Could this have been part of the course?

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by Tmercier834747

..are you positive they're all neons? neons are about as community as community fish get..I've seen little 'jabs' so to speak but nothing resembling territorial aggressiveness. By nature they're very peaceful and social fish. Most people who get them for a tropical community tank do so with the peace of mind that they won't be terrorizing the neighborhood.

If you aren't absolutely sure see if you can get a picture of them, or at least the culprit and post it in your reply.

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by dizzcat

I have one Neon that will chase the others, but just in spurts here and there. If they are Neon's, maybe take the aggressive one back and get more to make a bigger group, say 6-10?

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by natalie265

Add a few more neons. I've seen one of mine act like a bit of a bully, but when the bullying is spread out between the 9 other neons, it's hardly noticeable. Plus, if you add more neons, the aggressive behavior will likely diminish.

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by esparzar1

I agree with dizz and natalie, I started out with five neons and there was a "slight" bit of aggression during feeding. I added two more and have had no problems since then.

Bullying among Neon Tetras - Help!

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