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rise up

by breaknrun911

what does it mean when a few zoas in a colony rise up higher than the others?? i had a mother colony that i split into a couple of smaller frags and one of my frags has a few that rise up higher than others. any ideas?

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by fihsboy

Im not sure,but the ones I have did the same thing......and they are competing for light I would think....Now all of mine are getting taller to match the need for light.

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by gumbii

alot of my paly's are doing that... well they've been doing that for a wile... some get as long as 3 inches... srsly... i have some purple passion paly's and they are huge/long...

i put them in my friend's tank and they went back to normal... but then they bleached... so i don't know WTF is going on... my AOG's are doing the same thing too... hmm...

rise up

3 posts

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