Going into your tank

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Going into your tank

by breaknrun911

Hey all,

This question can be for everyone. But preferably saltwater hobbyists.
How often do you stick your hands into your tank and move stuff around, clean, etc?
And what do you use to wash your hands with? Regular soap?

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by zambize

My partner is a dermatologist and I've asked her this question before. You shouldn't use soaps or other detergents before putting your hands into your tank. Rubbing your hands together vigorously under hot water should do the trick without risking putting soaps or other chemicals into your tank.


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by fihsboy

I use salt to wash my hands....sounds dumb...hurts a little. But salt will work well. It gets all the soap and lotion off your hands. Or you can always just get a glove.

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by gumbii

i put my arm in my tank at least once a day... well im still moving and placing my SPS frags and mini colonies around...

but i do hand feed the RBTA every other day... along with the duncans, dendros, and scolimias...

Going into your tank

4 posts

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