how much flow

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how much flow

by memphis

i was wonding how much flow i should have in my tank. also where i should pplace my power heads. i have 55 gallon reef

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by blueshoes2208

put a koralia 4 at one end pointing across your tank, it doesnt feel like much but it throws corals and fish around...

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by breaknrun911

i have a 50gal with a koralia 4 its staggered a little bit from my outflow of my filter head (opposite ends of the tank of course) and its a little lower than it the filter head as well. it will do the job quite nicely. i agree with blue

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by fihsboy

plus they only use just a little energy. Hook one up to a battery back up incase of power failure, and your tank will be good for days. as long as its kept in the 70's temp wise.....and you keep your flow. :)

how much flow

4 posts

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