My life is confusing me right now...

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My life is confusing me right now...

by darkruby

For a long time I had been convinced that I wanted to be a computer Technician working as a server master or building computers. Or, at least that's what I thought i wanted to do. Not too long ago, I started to have doubts about all of this and what I wanted for my life... I seem to have gone back to the idea of being a Marine Biologist or someone who studies freshwater ecosysystems. I have had this idea a lot longer but I didn't think anything would come of it. It's all just so confusinf now and i don't know what to do... I have told all my friends, family, and teachers that comuters is the way to go.
It just turned out that I was better at marine studies than at computers though. It's like I am naturally good at studying fish but it doesn't come so easy with technology anymore. I don't know what to do. Whatever I choose will be the biggest thing in my life.

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by kelbri

I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was in the 5th grade. Loved everything about fish and wanted to work with them for the rest of my life, living on some remote island. Turns out I got into architecture instead cause I was better at technical stuff than at science stuff. Now, I am taking all that science stuff in university and going for a change of pace, and getting into dental hygiene. Perhaps I'll look back into marine biology.

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by dizzcat

My daughter just went thru about the same issues Dark, she loves stuff like anthropology and biology, but where is the money, what can she do with it? She thought about graphic arts because she is so good at it. After much soul searching she has decided to get a degree in animal biology. With that she can work as a vet, work in a museum, teach, etc. Yes it will take her a MUCH longer time to get a degree and start her career, but for her its worth doing something she will love over something that will just pay the bills. She will be 22 next week and will restart school in the Fall.

I think you need to decide between a fast degree and a sooner paycheck, or a longer degree doing something you will enjoy more. Its a hard choice.

Good luck!

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by Burgerking7679

I'm 17 and am SOOOOO confused right now too!!! Really good at tech(90% in Metal(welding) and an 88% in Auto), which is great because I love tech and working with my hands, plus the money isn't too bad, but, I dont want a job that will cripple me by 45 years old like my auto teacher. But on the other hand science isn't my strong suit, and I hate writing reports.

If possible, I would like to be a mechanic for a few years(buy a house, a nice car etc.) then go back to UNI for Biology. I'm trying to have as many options as possible by taking only UNI classes(english, math, science) so if I change my mind I wont be screwed, and like darkruby said whatever I choose will be the biggest decision of my life.

Actually, the perfect job for me would be professional paint baller and as a side job aqua scape tanks, but I'm not good enough at either so its not too likely I'll head down that road.

Anyways, I hear ya buddy, too confusing.

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by zambize

You should do what you love. I was a software development manager for 15 years because of the money, but never really loved it. Loved the money, yes, but that didn't make me happy for long. I went back to school a few years back and got another master's degree and became a psychotherapist, something I was always interested in. I don't regret all the years in software development, everything happens for a reason, but I'm glad I changed professions.

This is what I do when I have a big decision. I find a quiet, comfortable spot where I won't be disturbed. I clear my head (as much as that is possible...) and I try to imagine each possible path of my decision coming to fruition and I check in with my deepest self. I will usually get a sense about which path is the right one, which one really feels right, which one really feels realistic, which one I can see really happening.

If you make a decision and something just keeps gnawing at you about it, then it may not be the right decision and you should re-evaluate.

Burgerking -- it's normal and quite alright to be confused about what you want to do at 17. I thought I wanted to be a truck driver when I was 17. Things will become clearer. And don't worry, what you choose right now may not be the biggest decision of your life, but choosing to be well-rounded and prepared to do various things throughout your life may be the smartest decision you can make right now. Very wise. That's what I did and it really paid off.

My 2 cents.


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by fihsboy

I what you love. .Because if you do what you enjoy. You will do it better. I want to do Marine Biology as well.......but its not going to happen as for right now. Going into business management because it pays well.....and its a fast easy degree. I already have a job lined up for when I get out of school. Just weigh your options and see which you would rather do.

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by gumbii

bah... you'll get over it...

i wanted to be a vet... then went to school to be a shrink... then finished school as a auto technician... now i want to open my own fish store... but i've been a high paid security officer all my life...

i've always been happy with my jobs... but i think i will be really happy if i work around my passion... wish is aquatics...

do whatever makes you happiest and you will be awarded by a rich life...

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by darkruby

Yea, still, my life keeps turing around. Another Depressing thing happened to me not too long ago. I was in a robotics team in school, well sort off, I came in late. Anyway, I helped in anyway I could and not knowing programming, I helped build the robot in any way I could. Still, i felt left out and the people I was surrounded with were those really smart I want to hurt them people cuz they think so high of themselves and such. They put you down just because you don't really find programming interesting. I mean, I could do it, but I just don't find an interest in it and I get distracted easily... I enjoy Biology and wildlife programs.

So, when time came around for the team to go to the state competition and whatever... i was not really invited.... I didn't have the skills... man it hurt. I tried my best to help and become "one of them" but I just didn't fit. So, they won the state chapionship in FIRST place! That's huge, in case you didn't know. Now they are going to nationals and they could win, but i wont be a part of that now will I....The teams name is Robotics team 1771... look it up, its huge. There are vids and everything on them. They are supported by Global Agenda... that new MMORPG coming out.

I devoted my time to this team and I got nothing back, not even experience. I just learned that they are all jerks.

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by zambize

I think you also learned that it really isn't for you...

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by paconubbins

This is just one big decision in your life...there will be plenty more and you will get it wrong sometimes. That's when you realize it wasn't the biggest decision and change is still an option. People change careers all the time. Keep in mind that your job doesn't have to define you. I know plenty of people that devote more time to their hobbies than their career. Choose something you're good at and it'll be easier to do...something you enjoy and it'll be easier to get up and go to work everyday. Try to find a happy place in the middle that pays the bills. I like my job but the fact is, it's still a job and even though I'm happy with my choices there are days I don't want to get up and go to work. As long as you're learning you really can't make a wrong decision! Good luck!

My life is confusing me right now...

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