CO2 systems? What to do? HELP!!

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CO2 systems? What to do? HELP!!

by darkruby

I am completly new at this co2 system thing and I need serious help with it. Lets start off with what it will be used for.
A 10 gallon aquarium that will contain either two or three Dwarf Puffers.
It will, of course, have live plants.

I am looking at different systems which have solenoids and will hook up to paintball canisters. Which should I get? There is also a simple co2 system available which has no solenoid and lasts up to a month with replacment chemicals available. Will the fully capable co2 system do better and last longer. How long do 12oz co2 cannisters last? Is this price effective? I don't know and all information is needed!


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by MonkeyChunks

I have bought one of those systems that last one month per bag of yeast. Its really good.
Its based on fermenting yeast inside a canister and should be enough CO2 for 20 gallons of water. I am using it for 30 gallons of water.

I had it running for almost 2 months and all the plants are thriving and green in my aquarium. I bought hte type of plants that cannot thrive without CO2.

I also add 1 drop per 10 gallons of Flourish Excel, which is a chemical that produces CO2 in water. It may be good enough ALONE for your 10 gallon aquarium.

If you have a 10 gallon aquaruim you make sure you have a lot of light and aqua soil if you want to grow the kind of plants that require CO2. Otherwise , even if you get a CO2 supplement or a system, it will be bottle necked by the weak light or a lack of aquatic soil.

You should have at least 4 watts of light per gallon of water. If you have a 10 gallon tank, you probably have oneof those 15 watt bulbs, which would make it 1.5 watts per gallon.

CO2 systems? What to do? HELP!!

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