Does anyone know about these?

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Does anyone know about these?

by deuce1566

These aren't fish so I might be out of my league to ask here, but I've heard alot about mudpuppies aka water dogs. They are a type of salamander I think and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them. Such as where they type of setup you would need to take care of them, and maybe a price range.

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by Mike0372983

I saw some at a fish store called big als, thye were called mudskippers. They were neat looking too! They were in a probably about 10 - 15 gallon tank and it just had large rocks and about 3 inches high of water in it. I think they were like 6 inches long.

Sorry if its not really that helpfull...

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by dnimidej

Fish Bait.! we used those to catch corbinas.put hook right threw there lips and toss em out there and youll catch a big one!

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by Peterkarig3210

I believe they are fish. I think looking online concerning their natural environment would be helpful. I think they like to be able to walk out of the water, or at least be in very shallow water. I would have them in a semi-terrestrial environment where you could (if you're into plants) have maybe ferns, moss, sundews and venus fly traps, etc in the background, or maybe you could have a muddy area with mud from a natural source. I would do my homework, and maybe bake the mud to kill unwanted organisms, or not. They might be better with sand in an aquarium because it's easier to keep clean. They're very cool fish and I was thinking of getting them myself someday.

Does anyone know about these?

4 posts

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