Acrylic Tank Questions..............

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Acrylic Tank Questions..............

by dizzcat

I am wondering, is it normal to have an acrylic tank bow a little bit when full? I have my new/used 55 sitting in my tub full (to make sure there is now leaks) and it looks a little bowed in the flat backside. Not a lot, about 1/4" maybe. Is this normal? Because its in the tub and a tub tilts, it is not even right now. Its higher on the right side, would this cause it to do that? I am going to empty it in the morning, just checking for leaks.

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by cedricandcandy

I've never come across that happening before... doesn't sound right.

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by Snowboss4492

put a straight edge of some sort on it - - like a 4 foot level or a sheetrock square to verify it's actually bowing and how much or if its an optical illusion - i know acrylic being plastic will bow some, hence the reason they leave the top conected with just holes cut in rather than a full open top like a standard glass tank - so a little deformation is expected but a lot is the begining of tank failure - - - i would say over 3/4 of an inch is dangerous

after she's leveled up you may find she don't move at all - -

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by Tmercier834747

yeah, a tub isn't remotely as level as whatever stand you're gonna be putting it on. as long as the outer edges and center are supported you shouldn't see much of a bow. Acrylic as a general rule is 17x stronger than glass, but if you're still seeing a heavy bow while its on the stand I'd worry a little.

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by kelbri

Agreed. Put it on an ACTUAL flat surface. Then let us know.

Acrylic Tank Questions..............

5 posts

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