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I bought a live rock with plenty of mushrooms in it. as always they are one by one detaching from the host rock and to the sand bed. they don't seem to want to be attached to a rock. i will put them back on the rocks placing them on a location but after a while they will again just fall off. How do they can be put into place securely..

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by newbie916

Where is the rock located in the tank and what kind of lights are you using? My mushrooms are lower in my tank and even in shaded areas. They like moderate to low light.

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by gumbii

my mushrooms are happy right under the metal halide lights...

what type of mushrooms are they... i noticed that some rhodactis will move to get more direct light... or ricordea yuma's will fall off and hide from the light or else they will melt... some pics or species of mushroom will help...

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by gonzaimaki7563

typical bulleye mushrooms i guess. I placed them now on the half bottom area of mytank hope this works. I wanted to buy different colors so im trying to get the right location and lighting before buying any additionals. Do they reproduced easily and how?


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