feeding a sea hare

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feeding a sea hare

by memphis

just bought a sea hare to eat a little bit of green hair algea. wondering what to feed him when he is done eating that

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by singapore

well some people say caulerpa works, but mine never eats my caulerpa so idk about that. but boiled lettuce on a veggie clip works. but if you have tangs it gets tricky cuz they will eat it before your nudi can get it

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by puffedupseagull

they are real good at making rock work fall or knocking down corals

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by gumbii

we feed ours romaine lettuce and nori... i've seen they munching on algae disk before...

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by jweb

i watched a tv show about caulerpa and there is a certain kind of hare that ONLY eats caulerpa. That is one of the remedies they are looking into for dealing with the caulerpa outbreaks.

feeding a sea hare

5 posts

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