How often do you change the water in your establish tanks?

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by zambize

irondan -

Wow, I'm envious of all your big tanks! Way cool... Just curious...what do you consider "overstocked"? Also, I see you have both Bolivian and GB rams. I've considered getting one or the would you describe the differences between the two?


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by irondan

Z, they are both calm species but i would say the gb is a little more bossy except when the bolivians are breeding as they are now. i have also noticed that the bolivians have more personality. they come to the glass when they see me and chase the syphon when i clean the tank.
as for overstaocked, my 65 gallon african tank has 35 fish including juvies, a big front and a big vc 10. my 65 gallon american tank has an 8" male gt, a 7" male jd. a 6" female green severum, a 5" male pink con, an 8" amd 6" clown loach, 2 spilurus and a 6"syno cat. the 41 has 5 lifalili jewels and a pair of cons. the 55 has a 7" tex and 7" jd female and 50 spilurus juvies

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by Poetic_irony3872

Hi there Z, Ltns, Planted tanks require less water changes due to the fact that the plants actually eat/neutralize the waste in the water. or at least that has been my experience. I change the filter more often however as dieing plant particulate can build up pretty quickly if something even very subtle changes. Just monitor through tests, and through keeping your filter clean. that's the best I can advise. Nice to see you're still here. Hopefully I will be on more often.


How often do you change the water in your establish tanks?

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