coral placement

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coral placement

by blueshoes2208

ok so ive noticed that no matter where i put my coral frags they always get moved... either by snails or by fish nips so is there a trick to getting the frags to stay where i put them other than wedging htem inbetween rocks??

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by newbie916

They sell reef safe glue at the LFS's. I've used it and it works very well. I have the same problem with my Blue Hippo Tang who likes rearranging any new corals I put in the tank

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by somalia123

super glue gel works great

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by fihsboy

Yeah both of them are right. OR you can go to Home Depot and buy Aqua Mend. 4-5 bucks and it will literally cement your frags in place. Its like silly putty thats REALLY strong.

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by puffedupseagull

sorry lads been on holidays in the gold coast. yeah use aqua minute mend putty, molds well, is cheap and and a stick lasts for ages. once Coraline grows over it cant tell the diff between LR and putty

coral placement

5 posts

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