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by puffedupseagull

ok guys normally im helping out with as many answers as i can give, but im doing a survey on how people keep their substrate super clean, by use of fish invert etc. not manual cleaning.
live cleaners
I use Golden Headed sleeper gobies. they work well. but my mate uses bristle stars and his is very clean to.

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by fihsboy

Mine isnt super clean....but I would like to get some bristlestars and some bristeworms. The bristle worms just eat the bad stuff, and I have a few in there now. They do a good job. I might get rid of my scooter blenny. tired of him eating all my copepods and amphipods. they clean a lot of the sand. but the sand sifting stars do a lot too. My refuge sand is NASTY but it never gets touched and its 6 inches deep

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by Deltasigpony3648

mine has been super white for over 2 years now and all i use is a dimond back golby. cool little fish that eats the sand a spits it out through his gills. always fun to watch. i have no hermits they nock everything down

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by jweb

I am setting up a new reef tank soon, and I want to get like 40+ nassarious snails. I seen a video of them unburrowing to get food off the bottom. They are really neat.

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by saltwaterpimp

I have 6 nassarious snails and some bristle stars that hitchiked on my live rock, They seem to do the job for now, as my tank is lightly stocked..I never stir the sand manualy (anymore) , but i am starting to get coraline on the grains of aragonit in some areas, I might need to look into other sifters.Does this happen to others ?

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by newbie916

I have a 3 inch sandbed and have a ton of coraline algae growing about an inch from the surface. I have about 70 nas snails and a ton of large bristle worms and copepods that help stir my sand. I also have 3 Koralia 4's in my 95 gallon wave tank. Also, I use an extra powerhead to gently blow the top layer of the sand to get the detritus and poo off the bottom and my Live rock. So far, so good. My sand has been staying pretty white except a few low flow areas.


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