This guy is f@#King retarted

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This guy is f@#King retarted

by Deltasigpony3648 ... NK-PT2.htm

look at how this guy doses calcium and alk and then pours a quarter bottle of ph buffer.. wow if i was the owner and saw this and just read the bottle labels i would kill him

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by gonzaimaki7563

haha, correct, he does'nt even use any measuring when pouring chemicals into the tank. Thats too risky

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by fihsboy

I just squirt mine in. I can pretty much eye it now. After dosing every day for the past 6 months.....I think I got it. I eye two part.....its not too bad. sometimes I overdose...and when I do....I get more evaporation that day. every morning before i brush my teeth.....squirt squirt and leave it be.

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by a1k8t31524

i squirt squirt every morning tooo but i think we are talking about different

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by jweb

If I was his customer and he was cleaning out the protein skimmer in my nice ass bathroom sink I would be pissed as hell. Also, the water in those 5 gallon jugs is not the same as the water in the tank so he should really not even be just dumping it in like that.

OMG that guy had to have dumped half the bottle of calcium straight in!!

"You like my scientific approach there?" "I'm like a bartender" HAHA!! what the hell?

Can't too much buffer be bad??

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by kelbri

So, anybody on this site live in LA and want a job taking care of rich people's aquariums? There may be some buisness opening up once a few of these customers see this video...

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by jweb

haha, I thought about opening one up here in Florida. I just am scared dealing with another persons investment w/o insurance.

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by jweb

Shouldn't you mix the doses with your water ahead of time, then when you go to do a water change the dosing won't over due anything or cause any stress?

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by saltwaterpimp

Well not that i totaly agree with this guy but, in a 150 gallon tank,calcium can be severly depleted in a 2 week time..If the calcium was down by only 20ppm.Then with the 2 part he is using it would take 300ml, or 60 tsp of calcium to bring it up 20 thing i did notice though was he added part B before part A, Not to sure if it makes a diffrence...

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by Snowboss4492

could he have possably pre mixed everything he needed fr the customer before he got there so he could be more effieciant at the customers house ????

just thought i didn't take time to watch the vid mut ive seen a lot of his stuff n u tube

my thought is that some one investing the kind of money his customers have to be paying, must be happy with him or he wouldnt be there


This guy is f@#King retarted

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