lost 135 bucks

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lost 135 bucks

by kei9th

i watched my wife pull $135 from a pair of jeans. she then put the money in the cabinet in our secret stash jar. we went to get the money out to buy groceries and its not there. where would you look for lost money we have turned the house upside down? ya fihsboy i got married on Friday the 6th, i know i said marriage was a bad idea. what is the saint you pray to for lost things?

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by jweb

that really sucks. saint anthony is the patron of lost things and missing persons.

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by kelbri

That sucks. Is there any nice new toys that your aquatic friends now have that you didn't know about ;)

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by fihsboy

Is your birthday near? Maybe she took it to buy you something?

lost 135 bucks

4 posts

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