Filter for 200 Litre (approximately 53 Gallons) tank

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Filter for 200 Litre (approximately 53 Gallons) tank

by Alfio7663

Hey Guys

I recently purchased a new tank to put my cichlids in, as they are growing larger. The tank's dimentions are 1metre x 50cm x 40 cms, thus is volume is 200 litres (or 53 gallons).

I have done a bit of research with filters and a common element exhibted in most is that they are VERY EXPENSIVE lol. My LFS have advised me to get a Canister filter. However these are vauled at $200 +

At the moment the cichlids are in a 140 litre (or 37 gallon) tank. I am using two internal filters. The specs of the filters are:
- Voltage: 110 - 120 /220 - 240V
- Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
- Power: 10W
- Flow 690L/h
- Max jet 1.25 m
Recommended for 70 - 250 L aquarium

For futher imformation visit

I was wondering, is it enough to put two of these filters in my 200 Litre tank (along with air pump etc) or do I need to spend $200 + on a filter (which is more than I paid for the actual tank)

Kind Regars,

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by tylersweeney22

if your looking for something good and kinda cheap go with a hagen aquaclear 110 its around $90
its 500gph or a emperor 400 thats around $60

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by jweb

tyler is right.
you can read my article on filtration at

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by alfio

I bought an ORCA SP-101UB Filter

- Submersible UV light
- 210 / 110 Volts
- 50/60 Hz Frequency
- 5W/AC12V UV Light
- 16.5 W Power
- 1M Lift
- 1000 L/h Flow

what do you guys think? I couldnt find it on google sorry

Filter for 200 Litre (approximately 53 Gallons) tank

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