sps filtration upgrade

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sps filtration upgrade

by TheCoralReef

im looking to upgrade the filtration of my aquapod 24, all it has is two blue sponges that sit in the back right side of the filtration chambers. i found a skimmer that is a perfect fit for the right chamber, but i will have to remove the blue sponges to accomplish this. my question is, should i buy a small power filter for the other chamber since i can no longer use the sponges? also, im planning on a full blown sps tank eventually but, one of my larger acros just recently died and im trying to figure out why. im using a koralia 1 for circulation right now, is this enough to keep sps healthy in a 24 gallon?

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by fihsboy

I would get 2 koralia nano's That would be sick! Personally I have a 29 with a koralia 2 and a return from my sump pushing about 300gph. Soo about 900 gph total. I only have 5 gallons more than you. So I would up the filtration and more water movement. Im now getting into sps......and to my amazement they are growing fast as anything!

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by gdeeber


Here is a link to someone who moded their bio cube. It might give you some ideas.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-q-Gewa ... re=related
(at 3 min in he shows what modes he made.)

sps filtration upgrade

3 posts

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