Buying Fish

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Buying Fish

by sugarcookie

Any suggestion where I can buy fish on line that is pretty reasonally cheep & not so high on there shipping? I leave in this small town and we don't have a pet store or anything only Wal-Mart (not much to pick from there).


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by scorpion_bp

where are you from Im selling angelfish pretty cheap only 2 dollars each

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by yasherkoach ... .cfm?c=830

this is the best place to buy fish...the fish is relatively cheap, but the shipping is a bit expensive because the fish must be shipped overnight, and fedex charges a bit for the service. the above link's shipping is $34.99 overnight delivery.

there are no sites online that gives you a vast array of fish with cheap shipping; again, it is simply because the fish must be shipped overnight...if fish were delivered cheaply, the air in the bags would deflate leading to death.

hope you can understand...and hope this helps

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by natalie265

I've never used aquabid myself, but have heard others recommend it.

Buying Fish

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