between sump of canister

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between sump of canister

by mralanjones

I am starting a salt water reef aquarium. I was wondering if I need a sump or can I get a canister. I would rather have a canister but I want make tank to be successful.

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by Snowboss4492

both are good systems .................the pro's to a sump in a reef system are that you can do all you work in the sump and not mess with the display, skimmers, heaters, dosers, all your testing and top off can be done in the sump whereas a canister is a sealed unit and you will have to put all that equipment and do all the work in the display itself............really a matter of preference


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by puffedupseagull

right on boss. go the sump, just for physical aspects in display tank, gets rid of all the ugly things like hoses heaters etc. water changes are much easier with the sump, and testing etc. the less fussing with the main display the better. BUT if you get a canister, get a good one, don't be a tight ass. you will regret it later i will guarantee. something like a FX5 is good. don't use all the media they say either, just some live rock and some filter wool. no bio balls, nitrate attractors.

between sump of canister

3 posts

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