FOWLR advice

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FOWLR advice

by singapore

anyone here have a really cool fish only tank? i found a 265 gallon tank on craigslist for pretty cheap and i think im gonna go fish only with it. i just want some ideas of how to aquascape it. also, would plants be okay in it? i want a little movement in it, but dont want to deal with corals, so im thinking codium and caulerpa would look good. also, what kind of lighting best shows off a fishes color? someone i know said t5?

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by lionlord3502

you dont need high end lighting and got with strat atinic the high blue dost promot alge to well but maks the tank look really nice.

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by Snowboss4492

my suggestion is some large pieces of rock on one end with hoes and hiding places, maybe some wood air stones under it all with bubbles working their way up and around all the rock and leave the other end open..........that way you can get some shoaling fish like chromis for open water swimming and some fish for the rocks like gobies, blennies or wrasse........nice big fat tang or angel of some sort would top it all off

nice size tank, i wish i could find a deal on monster like that around me


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by blueshoes2208

psh... boss you have no idea... google earth shallowater texas...... dallas is 6 hours away, same as san antonio.... im in hte middle of nowhere

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by a1k8t31524

boss you do realize that you typed hoes....... i am assuming that you ment holes

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by Snowboss4492

LMAO..........thanks for spell checkin for me bud ............thats funny .................i think everybody should have some hoes in thier tank

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by kelbri

Don't get me started. Google earth Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Then you can complain to me ;)

FOWLR advice

7 posts

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