nano tank lighting

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nano tank lighting

by olliejames119

Hello, i'm hoping to set up a second tank, this been a soft coral tank. My only issue is the tank that im interested in buying just has strip lights, would this be Ok, or is the tak unsuitable. Also, can u buy hailide bulbs that i could simply swap with the strip light. Cheers Ollie

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by fihsboy

swap..prolly not. due to heat build up. T5's yes. if you could fit 2 T5's in there you could probably b e okay.

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by newbie916

They sell retro kits or you could also buy custom lighting from Catalina I probably wouldn't swap out the bulbs with T-5's or Metal Halides because of the heat generated and the increased wattage. Could be a potential fire hazard. I had one of my T-5's from my old tank almost catch on fire, so I sold it and bought a whole new tank and upgraded to MH/PC lighting.

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by TheCoralReef

go with the Current USA Sunpod, great MH for nanos plus the ballast is built in to the housing and it is the only MH that comes with blue and white lunars

nano tank lighting

4 posts

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