pH problem

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pH problem

by singapore

im wondering how to raise my pH safely and easily. ive got some sort of pH powder. it may be seachem idk though. i know it says "raises pH to 8.3" on the front and its a purple label. ive read the instructions on the bottle, but when i use it, it makes my water cloudy. idk how much it raises it either

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by Snowboss4492

should just be a PH buffer...............the water will be cloudy for a bit but it should not raise it above 8.3.......................i used a buffer a while back and i had to disolve it in water first ............stayed cloudy for a couple hours and then cleared up ....dosed like every other day for a week and i was back on top of it

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by blueshoes2208

yeah i did mine before i got my fish and i put ALOT of it in mine , forgot exacrtly how much but i filled up a jar of water and mixed it, got my ph from 7.8 to 8.2 or 8.3 or so.... it clouds for like 10 seconds literally, expecially with good flow its gone quickly....... i used the seachem reef buffer.... works fine with me... now im not sure how to do it wiht fish in there, i would assume just using the drip method on it would be fine. Be sure to mix it in fresh water.

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by newbie916

Temporary cloudiness is normal. I usually add the PH buffer once a week and I've never had any overdosing problems. It keeps my PH at 8.3 consistently. Make sure you dissolve it with some fresh RO water and you have decent flow in your tank.

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by schigara

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by puffedupseagull

bi carb soda cheap and effective alternative. but practice dosing on test water first.

pH problem

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