burning house down?

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burning house down?

by blueshoes2208

ok so i jus thought of something, if i bought one of those coralife power strip thingies with the timers and stuff and plugged in my light, skimmer, filter and powerhead (s) would that be too much power comming from one outlet and cause it to catch fire???

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by Snowboss4492

you should have good breakers....assuming they are all good you should trip a breaker long before you start a fire - - - if you are overloading things the wires will be warm or hot - - -if thats the case -- you should split the loa up


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by Tmercier834747

i have two and they're lifesavers..especially since I swing shifts at work so much. My fish wouldn't know what year they lived in let alone what time of day it was or if they were in a 36 hour eclipse...or had suddenly migrated to alaska and started receiving 24hrs of light..

anyway..there's probably better ones out there but thats what I use. I've had them for a few months and so far all is good. unless my girlfriend happens to have both tv's on while my pc is running and all the tank lights are up while she's drying her hair in the livingroom...

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by fihsboy

Generally.....one of those powerstrips can handle around 2000 watts....or a little under. I doubt your breaking 700. You should be safe. If it gets warm....do something else. But you should be okay. I have digital timers from home depot on my system. Never loses time and the lights come on the EXACT same time every day. When I see the lights go off I know its 9:06 and I know its 9:15 when they come on in the morning. :}

burning house down?

4 posts

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