Your favorite ???

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by littlej2455

powder blue tang

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by kelbri

I'm visiting from the freshwater side, so I don't have any. But I really like clowns and dories. Ah Finding Nemo. My 2 year old loves the movie. I would love to set up a tank that looks like the reef in that show. But alas, my wife and I are waiting untill we build our own house, and can incorporate a tank in the wall between the living room and kitchen/dining room. We want a big one, like a couple hundred gallon there. As for now, my son and I love the new fire belly gouramis we just got the other day.

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by lionlord3502

have to be lions and bluebarry acro

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by fihsboy

you know my lfs just got in a whole shipment of (deepwater) acros....kinda cool. They need less light. So its pretty optimal for people with compact floursents.

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by gumbii

i like alot of my corals... favorite mushrooms are my florida ricordea's... even though i have exotic yumas, i like my small florida's... favorite polyps have to be my nuclear greens... purple hornests are second.... LPS my bubble gum monster frag from jose costas, second is my duncan colonies... favorite SPS is my purple deepwater digipora... second is my tyree purple polyp pinkbirdsnest...

favorite fish is my rock blenny... lol... i hate every other fish in my tank... they're all jerks... especially my pair of maroon's... jerks... oh and i like my firefish second place...


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by burgerking

I love the color in almost all SW fish, but especially dwarf angels like a lemonpeel or coral beauty, and clams in general are always interesting to look at.

Your favorite ???

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