Protein Skimmer Question

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Protein Skimmer Question

by SHaf7697

We just bought my mom a previously owned 75 gal. aquarium for christmas. It was a freshwater tank and she plans to convert it to saltwater. It has a BIO-wheel canopy. The guy we bought it from says there is a protein skimmer made by the same manufacturer to fit the canopy, but I can't find it online. Anyone know what to search for or where to find it?

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by Tmercier834747

if its a bio-wheel canopy its probably made by marineland...
they don't sell products or list everything they carry on their website I don't think. So you might try a google shopping search.

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by Snowboss4492

i hate to be the bearer of bad news but that factory filter is going to be bare minimum for a salt tank - - - like some live rock and 2-3 fish only or you wont have enough to keep up with the load .................might look into a decent skimmer and a nice canister filter in the near future and just start the tank cycleing with the factory filter for right now

thats just my opinion ....good luck ...WELCOME TO THE HOBBY MOM !!!!



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by schigara

I concur with the Boss.

To keep from making as many mistakes and wasting a lot of money on bad equipment like myself and many others do when getting into this hobby, please read and research as much as you can stand.

The saltwater forums have all the information you could ever need but not easy to sift through. May I suggest the best book possible that will give you and your mom a solid foundation of info to start with? ... 328&sr=1-1

I wish I had know about this book when I first started out. I would have saved a ton of cash and heartache.

Welcome to the Salty side!

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by Deltasigpony3648

yeah look into maybe putting a sump on the system. 20 to 40 long with a refugium and shimmer zone and a surface skimmer from the display tank and your going to need a new light if you want coral

sump could look kinda of like this

|from tank|skimmer|refugium|to display|

Protein Skimmer Question

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