Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

by dizzcat

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by CedricAndCandy7566

Merry christmas dizzcat!

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by ChristinaBug2890

Merry Christmas everyone! :D I cant wait to eat lots and lots of desserts!

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by BurgerKing7704

Lol, I got the good ol maternity pants, J/k.

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by Tien6079

Youtube videos........that looks expensive....but my wife says the same thing about my fish hobby!

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by Snowboss4492


HO HO HO ........... tis the Snowboss's season

tien..........those controllers to just run the lights {not includeing the lights and instalation and hours of programing} are crazy expensive i looked at a system to control 10 100foot runs and it was 1200 bucks....................i know a guy that does one of those displays a little south of me and he says i takes about an hour to program 10 seconds of music into it -------so you looked at like 2 weeks of programing and a several thoudand dollars of lighting there on utube {per song} not to mention probably a 1500-2000 dollar electic bill for the season unless he's useing all led lights - which cost even more - - - oh yeah and you have to dedicate a computer to the system as well , so theres another cost

lol and we thing tanks are expensive


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by j_bball_rox

merry christmas all and i hope we all get great fish or non fishy things that we want :) MERRY CHIRSTMAS J

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by Mike0372983

time to go skiing for me :D

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by dizzcat

These were by far the best I found on u tube. I spent a couple hours one day watching LOL.

Man, we thought tanks got expensive! Whew! At least we can enjoy our tanks all year, not just during the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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