is it me??????

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is it me??????

by edathome19824077

I recently purchased some new friends for my tank! I did as I usually do! In the tank still bagged for 20 min. Then add some tank water and leave for 20 min! Only this time within 10-15 minutes of release three of the fish had keeled over and died! Now in my understanding DANIOS are supposed to be hardy fish! so why did three of them die when all my GUPPIES are fine! including the fry! When I inspected the dead fish I noticed that their gills seemed a bit red! I treated the whole tank for internal bacterial infection!
Is it at all possible that I killed them in that amount of time??? It's just really wierd as this has never happened to me before!

I took the dead fish back to a fish store near me! The bloke there told me that it was a bacterial infection! I have had my water checked and all my water peramiters were fine! I have replace them with honey gouramis and rosy tetras! I think it must have been their water! thanks all!
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by Peterkarig3210

Too bad about your fish. I would do a complete check on your tanks chemistry: ph, amonia, hardness, nitrites, nitrates, and see if your tank is good in that respect, or take the dead fish if you still have them and some water from your tank to the store. They will probably check the water for free and if it's good give you replacement fish. Maybe there wasn't enough oxygen in the bags as they waited to go into the tank and were about to die anyway, and the difference in water chemistry was just a bit too much for them. I actually don't wait very long before dumping in any fish and havn't had any problems ever when I introduce new fish. See if you can't get repacements.

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by evelynmarch26

follow the following procedure every time you get new fish, and you will see that they will survive ... _fish.html

The red on the gills usually tells you that they had ammonia poisening
it might be not your tank, but it might have been the water at the store

test for ammonia

hope that helps

is it me??????

3 posts

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