Are these fish ok?

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Are these fish ok?

by vwfan79

After reading some forums and what not I question my tank mates. This is my first African tank, I'm used to doing South American so I'm still learning. Its a 90 gallon tank.

2 electric yellow labs, 2 mbuna elongatus, 2 kenyi, 2 lamprologus tretacephaleus, 1 red zebra, 1 albino red zebra, 1 blue johanni, 1 auratus, 1 julie scriptus, 1 calico, 2 brichardi, 2 venustus, 1 pecock, 1 unknown, 2 pictus cat, 2 synodontis cat, 3 japanese algae eaters

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by burgerking

The yellow labs, red zebra, albino red zebra, and johanni are all relatively peaceful. The kenyi, tret, auratus, scriptus, brichardi, and venustus are all too aggressive, or grow to large for a 90g tank. Some elongatus are ok but it depends on the varient. The calico is called an OB, it is either a OB peacock or a OB zebra. The cats are all good.

I'd increase the numbers of the labs, johanni and zebras, until you find out the form of elongatus you have.

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by bigwillcast


I tend to disagree with burgerking on the size ratio in a 90 gallon. They'll most likely be fine. But he is def. right with the problems with aggression. All those species are too aggressive to be with the labs and the red zebra, etc.

He said it right.

You just need to decide whether you want to go with an aggressive tank or a mild tank, and pull out the fish with the aggression levels you don't want.

The cat's will be fine. Keep an eye on your algae eaters.

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by dizzcat

The brichardi are Lake Tanganyika Cichlids. They are aggressive in their own right but I don't know how well they will do with Mbuna's. They are cave spawners and if they pair up you will have a terrible time with aggression. I have also heard you should not have peacocks in with Mbuna's because they are not aggressive enough.

You also need more than 2 of your Mbuna's. They will fight too much with just 2 of them.

Good luck!

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by BurgerKing7704

Oh sorry big will, I meant the venustus would grow too large, the rest are just on the aggressive side. And the Brichardi, when paired up will do their best to make a safe haven for their young, often by killing other fish.

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by vwfan79

Thanks to all for the info

Are these fish ok?

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