HELP... I used Amonia w/ Surfactants

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HELP... I used Amonia w/ Surfactants

by bnj7405

I used about a tablespoon of Amonia with Surfactants to start my Fishless cyle in my new 20 Gallon Tank. Will the Surfactants hurt anything?

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by cedricandcandy

...pardon my ingnorance, but what is surfactants?

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by a70m1c

dude........drain your tank empty every thing in it wash everything down with hot water and start again.

soap (Surfactant) is toxic to fish.

i will not put my name to saying your filter medium will still be ok either - if its regular sponge you *should* be able to get away with a soak in hot water and putting alot of water through it......i dont know about Cotton etc.

I can only state the facts i know in my first 2 sentence's

maybe some one else can kick in here and give some advice about your filter.

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by jweb1369

i don't know anything about that but that sucks balls.

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by kempie

at least the tank will be sterile :P no ick that's for sure

...but if this is a serious post, then wash that thing out thoroughly with -clean- water (ie not disinfected) for a couple of days.

dump your filter media, nothing will grow in there for about a year.
dump your gravel too.
if you have carbon in your filter sell it on ebay or something, it will be useless.

I believe that surfactant is another word for "bleach" so don't keep anything with colours otherwise they'll turn white ;)

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by yasherkoach

what is this Experiment Lab 101...some people just should not get into this hobby

hey Mister Surfactants, work at Sea World in the chemical lab...GET OUT OF THIS HOBBY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP... I used Amonia w/ Surfactants

6 posts

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