Algae, algae, algae

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Algae, algae, algae

by fishues

I recently helped a friend of mine set up his 65 gallon fresh water tank with canister filter. He was 5 live plants in the tank and maybe 10 (under 1in.) fish. GREEN ALGAE EVERYWHERE! The tank has been setup for about 1 month and all of a sudden he has this stuff all over. I mean it looks like something out of the movies. Testing his water I found that His Ammonia levers were very high and his fish are gasping for "air". We are currently treating that issue with water airagation and ammo-lock along with 1/3 water changes every 4 days until the ammonia levers are at 0. But, for the life of me I can't figure out how to rid of this annoying Green Algae. My "local fishguy" said let it go it will rid of itself, but I don't buy that. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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by getwithit

you need some algea eaters and some snails it sounds a few snails even if they over populate they will be easier to get rid of than the algea live plants shoud cut down on the growth, so it sounds like it gets alotta sunlight, try moving the tank.

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by celticwraith

I wouldn't add snails and fish at this stage to solve the algae problem. This will only increase the ammonia do to the increase in waste that snails and fish produce. I wouldn't use ammo-lock myself, instead I would do 50% water changes every 1 or 2 days. As for the algae make sure the tank is not in direct sun light and reduce the amount of light to the tank. Once the tank has completed cycling, then this would be the time to add algae eaters to the tank.

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by Peterkarig3210

The green algae is probably a cyano-bacteria and it covers everything with a blue green slime, and yes, it will go away with proper maintanence. Nothing really likes to eat this stuff very much and forget medications IMO, but some plecos, and other fish will eat it out of chance due to it being everywhere. Work on lowering amonia, nitrites, etc. Every time it grows back take a siphon type gravel cleaner and suck it out of the gravel and off the plant leaves and walls of tank. It will come back quickly due to your siphoning having spread millions of particles of it around the tank, but be persistant. after a while it just won't grow back. It may take a while to get rid of but it's not as bad as some algae. Post what your success is. I'd like to know how it goes. Peter

Algae, algae, algae

4 posts

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