Devil's hand leather

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by dick_headers

Appreciate that Pimp! Just wait when I post a picture of my blue-pink 5x3 enchiophillya( chalice ). Oh boy!! I glued him right above my sun polyps, so she can have a perfect shade. I wanted to go with a monti, but everybody have montis. It's pretty unique, you'll see what I mean..

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by gumbii

leather's are teh bestessest...

i also have a tyree green toadstool frag that has double in size allready... the fragged rock has three heads on it... yay... it's in a spot with low current and the polyps are still extending pretty good...

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by saltwaterpimp

toadstools are definitly the lfs has the green tip, it's 12 years old not all that big like the umbrella gets but it drops babys on the regular..

Devil's hand leather

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