Doubt in water Cycling

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Doubt in water Cycling

by vicky88_nofear

Doubt in water Cycling:


After setting up the tank and filling with water, THE LIGHTS ARE OFF, THE SKIMMER AND THE KORIALA are ON :

1) I put a dead fish inside for 2 days for the bacterias to grow

2) Not to touch the tank for 3 months and wait till the NITROGEN, AMMONIA, NITRATE, NITRITE Cycle to Finish.

3) My tank wil be filled with Green and Red ALGAE now, I leave them for a week time and they die off making my tank ready for the 1st LIVEHOOD ? (shrimps and hermit crabs)

4) Change 50% of water and Put the Hermit carbs or shrimps and turn on the LIGHT

5) add the 1st fish after a week

6) Change 10G every month

IF there is anything wrong in the procedure, please correct me !!


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by bertie411

for my set up, i had everything on during cycle, i had the lights come on and off as normal.the only thing in there was live rock and aragonite wet.
i used a frozen prawn or two.
keep testing your tank, some take less than 3 months, i guess it depends on the size.
i also used a friends and local fish shops, water change water to do regular water changes after the first couple of weeks, as it is full of the bacteria from an already matured tank.
i had green chromis and my percs in after 2 weeks, they lived!
the following week, stuck everything i had in there and all was well!
finally 10% every week, plus a kalkwasser top up as and when needed.
hermit crabs are scavengers, as you know, so make sure there is something in there for them to eat before adding them.

but hey, this was my way, it was successful, for me, i'm sure everyone will tell you a different way.

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by nicholas542

I just cycled my tank with the live sand, and 70 lbs. of live rock in the tank. All I added was bio-spira which is benificial bacteria. I left it alone for 36 days then added 3 yellowtail damsels to add in the cycling proccess

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by fihsboy

My lfs cycled in a week and a half.....Old owner sold and everything got torn stuff came in and new guy came in. Live sand everywhere and pinpoint monitors....(i go in every day) readings stay constant in his tanks. They were up for a week. I dont know how he did it....but he did. Anyways just give it some time and throw a damsel in there. he will help. :)

Doubt in water Cycling

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