quickly removing tannis

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quickly removing tannis

by ok_go

bought a chunk of bogwood about a month ago. I have been putting it in a bucket full of water and emptying it everyday and changing the water, but tannis is still coming out. I dont wan't to put it in my tank or it will stain the water. Just need some suggestions on what to do and how to speed up the process.

Also my filter is doing much keeping the water clean so I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of cansiter filter would work really well for a 30 gallon tank.
(because its in my room and I cant stand the sound of my filter)

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by a1k8t31524

you can boil the wood and that will help keep it from leaching.
But also i personally like the slightly "stained \" look and also depending on what type of fish you have they might like it better to the tannins help lower PH
carbon in you filter will help take out the tannins also

As far as your filter goes what type of filter do you have how big is your tank howmany and what type of fish do you have and how often do you do water changes?

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by cedricandcandy

Driftwood stained our water badly when we first put it in the tank, and even though we wanted the dark water effect, we still wanted to be able to see colour in the fish and plants. So we added a carbon bag to the filter and it worked wonders. Within half a day the water was sparkling.

The carbon did start effecting our plants after a week or two so we had to remove it from the filter, and the plants recovered instantly. The carbon takes the fertilisers out of the water and doesn't cycle them back into the tank.

We are planning on setting up some kind of arrangement, to have the carbon bag permanently installed so we dont have to pull the filter apart every time. But it'll have some kind of isolater so the water doesn't filter through the carbon bag constantly but we can turn it on for an hour or two when the water gets too brown. And this way it wont effect the plants. But thats still an idea in the making...

Just put the wood in your tank and deal with it from there - otherwise you'll be waiting forever. The tannins keep leaking for ages, even if its been boiled.

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by Tmercier834747

Repetitive boiling is the fastest way to remove tannins...but completely unnecessary in my mind.

I had a very large piece in my 16gal and without boiling the water was very dark, but became completely clear after roughly 4 months. There was a noticeable difference water change to water change. I should also note I was running filtration with carbon the entire time..

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by nicholas542

That is why i'm using the old phos-reactor from my reef tank and using the old depleted nitrate sponge. The nitrate spong will filter out large biologic waste matter, but will not deplete all my nitrates since the media is already expired. When I had my first 50 gallon tank many years ago I had African cichlids in it. I added driftwood and just did a rinsing cycle in a bucket of water to get the salt out of the wood.

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by yasherkoach

I never had any trouble with the driftwood I purchased (Malaysian). maybe it is where you purchase the wood that matters

I bought wood from AquaticPlantDepot.com, Dr Foster & Smith online and Big Al's Online, never a problem with any of these woods

I placed each wood in a bucket of water, let it sit for a week, and placed the wood in the tank, no problem

only thing I do boil is rock

so unless you are getting wood from the woods - which must be boiled - possibly it is where you are getting the wood that matters

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by adehaan86

How much driftwood did you guys buy. I have a 55 gal tank and just wondering what it will take?

quickly removing tannis

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