what corals to put in?

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what corals to put in?

by gonzaimaki7563

Hello still new in setting up salt water aquarium, just asking what corals should i prefer to put in first for a nwely set up 60 gal tank.
How long will i wait before putting it in?
I am now on my 1st week of curing my live rocks and sand.

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by newbie916

I started out with a toadstool, star polyps, and zooanthids. They are all pretty hardy corals, but I would stay away from SPS's like montepora and acropora for a while until your system is completely established and water and temp are stable. Your best bet is to look up the hardier corals for beginners and go from there.

Like everyone says, patience is the key in this hobby and I would probably wait another 5 weeks or more before adding any corals. Make sure your water quality is stable

PH: 8.3
SG: 1.024
Nitrates: no higher than 10ppm

Alkalinity and Calcium will need to be balanced as well depending on the type of corals or clams you decide to put in your tank. Once you decide to put corals in I would also use higher grade sea salt like Red Sea or Crystal Reef because it has the added essential minerals for coral growth and maintainence. In the mean time you could cycle your tank with the cheap Instant Ocean stuff.

Good luck

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by fihsboy

Just take it slow. add some here and some there......but wait a good 4-5 weeks. like newbie said. As far as hardy corals....mushrooms LOVE nutrients....and are hardy. So if your new.....they would be good. Because they well help clean your water as t hey are filter feeders and they will tolerate your learning curve.

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by saltwaterpimp

very good advice,when you buy corals buy small frags they are cheap and will grow super fast, there is no harm done if you loose a small 10 dollar frag.compared to a 75 dollar show piece..


what corals to put in?

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