When do bubbletip anenome's split?

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When do bubbletip anenome's split?

by newbie916

I've had a pink bubbletip for at least 4 months now and it's doubled in size. It's about 12 inches in diameter and it's stinging the crap out of my toadstool. Everytime I try and relocate the toadstool to a different location it just shrivels up. So I just left it, but I'm wondering when the anenome's split and how often because he's getting a little too big even for my 100 gallon.

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by puffedupseagull

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by bertie411

i've had a purple tip bubble for 5 years, not split yet!the only way i know to stop it from moving is put it on a rock , which doesn't touch any other rocks, but then you risk it letting go and floating around the tank potentially encountering a powerhead, which i don't have to tell you could be disastrous!

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by gumbii

i feed my GBTA and RBTA every day or every other day... and they spit every night...

When do bubbletip anenome's split?

4 posts

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