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minimum size

by FishyManHarry

i don't have a marine tank, but i was wondering what you guys thought the minimum size tank for tropical marine is .

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by blueshoes2208

bigger the better if you have never done it is what i was told, apparently the smaller the tank the easier your levels of nitrate and phosphate and stuff like that will fluctuate. This is my first tank and its a 70 gal and im doing fine so far, ive still got prolly til late november before i get all my equipment but for now i started it in august

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by Snowboss4492

bigger is better is a good rule of thumb...............i started this hobby with a 20 gallon tank and it was pretty violent for the first few months, BUT, i must admit that a lot of the crazy fluctuations where at my own hand...............from moving to fast, to over doing everything.............

think of this hobby as a long invested chess game, add something and sit back and watch...................change something, sit back and watch...............time is measured in weeks and months in a salt system, not hours and days

with that concept in your mind, a 29 gallon tank is a cheap tank and a good size to work with...............most all fish can live in it, it's not so big that you have to invest thousands to get going etc etc

i would'nt do anything smaller than a 20 as a beginer tank and thats pushing it

some things to take into consideration

read read read read everything you can find

ask many many questions and take all answers in and make well informed choices

salt systems are as a rule more expensive than freshies.............especially lighting and suplies

they are pretty maintenence intensive compared to fresh water

but in my opinion VERY rewarding

basic is the best way to go

make a plan and work the plan - - - - what kind of tank do you want, what kind of fish do you want etc etc

ask ask ask


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by fihsboy

yeah boss said it.......20 if your very confident in yourself and dont mind a challenge.......29 if you want to test yourself.......and 50 if your not sure about the whole saltwater thing but want to test it out.....if you just suck at keeping fish.....go with a 220. you woudlnt have to look at it but once a week maybe.

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by kei9th

29 gallon 15 to 20 min every other day for maintenance. you can have a nice display of rocks and fish. im a beginner and it seems real easy to keep things going with my 29. im ready for a 55 just so i can get more fish and a better rock display

minimum size

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