Please help!! a friend trying to help

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Please help!! a friend trying to help

by kayleigh333

I have a 26 gallon tank with an internal and external filter. Tank size is about 2.5meters. I am trying to help a friend who is moving house and can no longer take his fish with him, he has 11 fish which need rehousing which are: 2 clown loaches, 2 cat fish, 2 red tailed sharks, 4 red nose tetras and 1 neon tetra. he lives quite a distance from me and i am trying my best to help but am worried about a few things. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
1) i currently have quite a large stock in my tank and am worrying about overstocking my tank could anyone help me as to wether adding the fish mentioned above into my tank would be overstocking my tank and evidentially kill all my fish? (i currently have 1 banjo, 1 betta, 4 platys, 2 catfish, 3 loaches, 4 neons, 4 glowlight tetras, 2 peppered catfish, 3 whiptails, 2 pearl gourami, 2 small honey dwarf gourmai, 2 blue dwarf gourmai, 1 blue spot gourmai, 1 small suckerfish and 1 shrimp.
2) i have also heard that the red tailed sharks can be quite aggressive and teritorial and again dont want to by helping another kill or harm any of my existing fish
3) transportation what is the best way to transport the fish
4) adding the fish to the aquarium. What is the best way to do this?

I really appreciate any help anyone could give me with this matter.

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by Tmercier834747

Well, for starters...
The terms ''catfish, loaches'' is pretty nondescript. Specifically where you mentioned ''catfish'' you're acquiring from your friend, and ''loaches'' which you already own. Please be a bit more specific..there's a big difference between a sidthmunki loach and a clown loach, as I'm about to get a bit deeper on.

My first big no would be adding the clowns. Although rare in tanks they can reach a maximum size of 16", usually 12" and require a minimum of 75gals and should be kept with at least 5 of their own kind, in a tank designed around their needs. lol I'm sure this isn't your friends fault. For some reason fish retailers see no problem in handing out clowns to whomever in whatever numbers without giving any explanation of their special needs..Granted it would probably take a good long time for these fish to reach 12", as you said it already seems like your tank is brimming with fish.

My second would be the sharks. They're not recommended for community tanks, and the plethora of tetras you already have plus the ones you're planning on adding--screams community tank. If your buddy had read up on the sharks as well before getting them he'd know its best to keep them solo in any tank. As they start to become adults one will show dominance over the other and pester it all day long at which point its supposed to retreat out of its territory which is impossible in a 29gal tank for a fish that's 6" big.

I may as well just say it and get it over with..either look into trying to give the fish to a local LFS for store credit or run the risk of upsetting and probably killing a lot of fish...This goes without saying what the other ''loaches'' and ''catfish'' are...

You could consider 'craigslist'ing some aquariums and see if someone's trying to basically hand out a 75gal or more in your area, say for $100 or less with some equip...

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by kayleigh333

Thank you for your comments it was 3 clown loaches and 1 bronze cory and 1 silver cory catfish. I will take on board what you said. i am also on the verge of getting a 4ft tank whilst keeping my existing tank also.

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by a1k8t31524

from what you wrote i would say that you are currently overstocked in your 29gal and i do not think that your tank coul handle the bio-load of all thoes other fish, if he is not taking his fish with him what is he doing with his aquariummm why dont you just see if you can take the whole setup off him.

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by nicholas542

The best thing for you to do is to take some of the fish to you're local petstore. That 29 gallon tank sounds pretty overloaded. I have a 10 gallon planted with 3 Trueglow tetras, 1 Head and Taillight, 2 whisker shrimp, 1 Red Swordtail, 3 Glassfish. For a 10 gallon I feel that mine is fully stocked my system is balanced. You should really reconsider the Bioload you're going to be putting on you're tank.

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by yasherkoach

I agree that your tank is over-crowded

as for transportation: a large styrofoam box, place the fish in assorted plastic bags with plenty oxygen (depeding on the length of the trip, you best be able to reload each bag with more oxygen), placed the bagged fish with rubber bands into the box, be sure to include either a hot pack or a cold pack (depending on your location), make sure you place many pillows and blankets around the syrofoam to secure it against a bumpy trip, and as soon as you get to the destination, put the fish back into the tank (a larger one, preferably 55 gallons plus), but befor eyou do, place the fish back into the smaller tank to quarrantine the fish in case any fish got sick during the trip - traveling can stress a fish thereby their immune systems get weak - then you should be okay.

hope this info helps

Please help!! a friend trying to help

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