New 55 Gallon Aquarium

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New 55 Gallon Aquarium

by Caylyn2187184

I bought a used 55 gallon awuarium the other day at a yard sale for 100.00. I am so pleased with it and i was amazed at how well it was taken care of and how clean it was! We cleaned it just incase it had somekind of chemical or anything in it and filled it with water let it filter and all and put our 4 african clawed frogs and 2 rope/reed fish in it. They are doing so good and the ropefish are loving the free space and freedom...I have a few questions though.

What other fish could i add to the 55 gallon tank with the 4 frogs and 2 rope fish in it? I love my aquarium "fish" because of how unique they are and its not like just watching fish swim..i have frogs and 2 fish that look like snakes. My daughter who is 2 calls them "Rog's and Nakes" lol. But i don't know what else i could add...if i should add actual fish? what kind? some other kind of unique freshwater fish? i don't know and would like suggestions...

I know i can't add Leopard puffers (i have bad luck wit hthem and u have to add salt no..) and the bubble eye'd fish because they put off too much amonia.

Suggestions please?

Also, i have this rock layout but i was wondering what else i could add to make my tank decor look good..i was thinking about either some of the "holey" lime rock or some driftwood pieces...

Thanks for any input!

Also, the pet store has been telling me to feed the ropefish ghost they eat ghost shrimp? i've seen the frogs eat them but not the ropefish...i heard they like guppies..what is the best thing to make sure they are eating?
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by spraky1413

Ghost shrimp should be fine. Whatever fish you get, just make sure to research on a fish and make sure their aggression level will be equivalent to your current ones (don't want one bitten up or bullied)

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by Tmercier834747

I hope they're hearty because this would be the second time in several months they'll have endured a cycle...won't it? Couldn't help but notice you said you got the tank several DAYS ago. =P

I'd consider giving your current fish some time to get used to things...and allow the cycle to complete before adding anything else.

I woulnd't be surprised if your ropefish would eat ghost shrimp as adults. They don't quite look adult yet but I don't know a whole helluva lot about ropefish.

As far as suggestions for the new fish I really don't know enough about ropefish within the constraints of a 55gal to give you an educated answer, sorry. =P

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by spraky1413

I'd make sure not to put any fish in that are bite-sized for the ropefish or they will eat them (i.e. minnows, guppies, etc). Also, you might want to make sure they have planty of hiding spaces either with rock groups or plants (fake or real). Mine love to zig-zag in/out of my decorations after eachother =)

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by yasherkoach

more rocks (river rock, sandstone, slate), bogwood, a background, more aeration (air stones or powerhead), live plants

make the tank like a home, then get your living habitats. of course keep in mind as you build the tank what type of inhabitants you will have

get water test kits and assorted foods

New 55 Gallon Aquarium

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