saltwater tank

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saltwater tank

by nofearvinu

could help me to tell how to set up a fish only marine tank...i had a nano reef tank and i know bit about marine...i have wiepro protien skimmer SA-2011,hanging back filter,power head,under gravel filter.So wat i need more to set up a 60 gallons tank and te proper procedure for setting up a proper fish only tank???

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by Snowboss4492

toss the undergravel filter ----------- only because you really should use sand and not crushed coral, sand won't work very well with a UG filter system {crushed coral is a breading ground for bactieria and algae and literally impossable to clean..............i started with crushed coral and destroyed my tank on the first go round}

from there - - 40-60 lbs of arag-live sand {color is completley your choice., white, black, pink, natural or even mix a couple colors together}.........some pieces of live rock if you like a medium duty skimmer will be fine and a filter that runs 2 to 3 times you tanks capacity I.E. 120 to 200 gallons per hour..................on top of that you'll want a couple power heads for water movement {use the one from you UG filter }

you don't need high end lights but a desent power compact or T-5 set up will make your fish look incredable

these are just my ideas ......take em or leave em, lol good luck and above all have fun !!!!!!


saltwater tank

2 posts

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