How much is it worth?

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How much is it worth?

by shizzle

i have currently just custom made a 70 gallon fish tank with double glazed glass all round, aluminum corners, custom made stand and hood.

i ask this question as i was able to get a hold of all this material for free (inside connections :P lol) which makes it harder to put a price on it but i do know that double glazed glass does have quite a price tag on it...

so if anyone could please tell me how much one of these babies would fetch it would be greatly appreciated :D

thanks in advance

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by yasherkoach

depends on if the tank has holes drilled for filters, sumps, etc...also if the glass is starphire, but if I were to guess, probably about $500-$700 range

do not know if the tank is bow fronts, or other shaped other than the typical rectangular shape.

also you did not say what type of hood it is, what type of lighting system

if you could be more specific, I could possibly tell you

How much is it worth?

2 posts

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