Guppies always playing in the current.. Is it hurting them?

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Guppies always playing in the current.. Is it hurting them?

by blubunny2005

I have a few very pregnant Guppies (even tho they just don't seem to want to give birth) that are always playing in the current (rather that is.. trying to swim into the current).. This morning I noticed one of them (who has been doing it all day yesterday while I was at work) with kind of a fuzzy look to her face. On top of that, she wouldn't eat (possibly about to give birth) so I put her in the breeder box (getting a breeder net instead later today). Is it hurting them to try to swim up into the current for to long?

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by cyndrine

i have pregnant guppies myself. Will pass along some information i have gathered that I had a bit of trouble getting myself. I don't believe swimming in the current is hurting them. sounds like they are playing. not sure bout the one with the fuzzy look on her face sorry. is it a white type of fuzz? there are a couple things it may be. ich maybe or a fungus of some kind. Is it small dots, a think kind of growth or just a clouding of the head with no real growth?

when they are about to give birth they will be by the gravel at the base of a tall plant preferably, but if they are hungry they root in the gravel as well. Be careful, i do not recommend a breeder box or net. from the research i have done they can and do cause the guppies to miscarry. I would just leave them to swim around and if you want to seperate the fry have a breeder net or seperate tank to put them into after they are born.

if you bought just the females be aware as well that guppies for some reason can store a males sperm for 4 months. so you will have pregnant guppies for a while, a lot of pet stores in my area recommend 1 male to 1 female ratio in the tank. mistake. for the females to have any rest you need 1 male to 2 females. and they can and do routinely have around 20 or more fry per birth. Do not be surprised if you have less when you look in the tank since other guppies will swim above the guppy giving birth and eat some of the fry as they rise to the surface. This is normal and why alot of sites i did research on reccomend plants that go tho the water surface or nylon rope with 1 end anchored down rising up to the surface. will protect more of the babies and if any of the takk plants floats it gives them somewhere to hide while they grow up.

sorry if i went on to long for you here but i was amazed when i figured this out and when i made a couple changes to my tank the differance was amazing.

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by edathome19824077

hi there blubunny. Ihave a number of guppies male and female! my femalea are always playing in the current! Not only this but i was always wondering where fry kept appearing from! I netted them out into a breeding tank and more would appear! This confused me for ages! I went to do a filter clean the other day and i found fry swimming inside the filter media! Inside the pump! Took me ages to get them out but I always check there now when they give birth.

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by Peterkarig3210

I believe guppies are live breeders. The fry pop right out of pregnant females. Current is great excersize for fish in general, except for some like diskus and guppies or betas with very cumbersome fins. I would guage the current by how happy your fish appear, give them areas with no current and filter outflows (some have air intrainment) for them to play and get excersize. That's my 2 cents!

Guppies always playing in the current.. Is it hurting them?

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